Soundproofing - Decrease Unwanted Sound

Why Soundproofing?!

A noise disturbance is not something you should have to live with! We specialize in soundproofing solutions: High quality products to solve your noise disturbances at an affordable price. 

Your Home

You pay for the roof over your head... why suffer from loud neighbors or outside noise? Some people are driven mad by noisy neighbors on the opposite wall of their bedroom, or simply a lack of insulation between floors in their apartment building. It should not sound like an explosion when your upstairs neighbor drops a fork!

Your Office

You want your business to be productive and successful. Many office spaces suffer from a lack of soundproofing and acoustic treatment. We specialize in office soundproofing. Your conference room should be focused on the meeting, not on the conversation happening in the hallway. 

There are two general ways to control noise pollution...

Blocking Sound

Sound blocking products are used to prevent noise from entering your space and are usually applied to walls, ceilings, floors and any open crevices.  

Absorbing Sound 

Sound absorbers are products that absorb echo within a room.

Hard surfaces such as stone, marble, hardwood and tile flooring all add to the problem.

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Whisper wave ceiling 2_edited
Soundproof wall Roxul
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Soundproof ceiling MLV + Sheetrock
Whisper Wave 4_edited
Sheets of foam-filled waterproof board are attached to the studs and fasteners are waterproofed with

Acoustic Treatment

Why Acoustic Treatment?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of being somewhere - whether it is a restaurant, office or even your home - and it feels as if everyone is speaking at full volume right into your ears? This is not in your head. 
Acoustic treatment has been an incredibly impactful solution to improving the atmosphere and success of countless spaces everywhere... and in style. 


Soundproofing VS Acoustic Treatment

While soundproofing a space mostly deals with the complete blocking of sound waves by adding mass to walls, floors or ceilings - acoustic treatment focuses on finding ways to absorb and deflect sound by adding materials that reduce echo. 


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