Frequently Asked Questions

Can our company reduce the noise that comes through the ceiling?
Yes, there are a variety of options to reduce sound traveling through the ceiling once we’re able to identify the origin of the noise.


Can Spray Foam be applied in existing homes?
Yes, one of the greatest advantages of spray foam compared to other insulation materials is that spray foam is expandable after it is applied. We simply cut holes in the walls, ceilings and/or floors, remove the existing insulation and apply the spray foam.


Is Spray Foam safe to use?
Spray Foam is safe to use as long as it is installed correctly by an experienced, professional company. It is advised to not have members of the home present when the actual spraying is taking place. Since spray foam dries almost immediately, and is put behind the wall, it is safe within a few hours. In general, spray foam is a better, longer lasting and a more effective insulator than its competitors.


Is it safe to remove pipe insulation?
Pipe insulation is safe to remove as long as you use the appropriate equipment and proper safety measures.


What types of insulation available?
There are many types of insulation available. ARN Insulation offers Spray Foam Insulation, rockwool, fiberglass or any other solution that will work best and at the right budget for you.


What is Spray Foam Insulation made of?
Spray foam is made from polyurethane. 


What is soundproofing?
Soundproofing a space mostly deals with the complete blocking of sound waves by adding mass to walls, floors, or ceiling.


What is acoustic treatment?
Acoustic Treatment focuses on finding ways to absorb and deflect sound by adding materials that reduce echo. 


Am I guaranteed 100% effectiveness of the soundproofing /insulation?
Soundproofing is a science and as such, every treatment applied has a reason behind it. As experts in the field, the ARN Insulation team can assess the sources of the noise and try to undermine it. The treatments applied are all based on studies and years of experience. We can guarantee a reduction of the noise and we are committed to work with our clients until they’re happy with the results obtained.


What can ARN Insulation do as Fireproofing treatments?
We use the most advanced technologies for installation of fireproofing for metal beams and penetrations. With state of the art equipment, we can provide intumescent paint spray or we can spray the intumescent material, making the area fireproof to the extent required, while still maintaining the aesthetics of the space.


After treating my apartment for soundproofing, do you return it to its original look?
Yes, ARN Insulation prides itself in restoring your apartment to its original look. We will compound, sand and paint. All paint is done in "Flat White" unless a different color is provided by the client.


Are soundproofing and acoustic treatment the same thing?
Soundproofing blocks sounds from coming in or out. For example, when we soundproof a wall or ceiling to block sound. Acoustic treatment is treating a room or space to make it more acoustically viable and enable better sound quality. We do acoustic treatment in conference rooms and offices that have echo. Echo makes the volume generated inside a room much louder (distracting to nearby offices) and creates a delay (which leads to an inability to use a conference phone speaker system).


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